Edith Saner,

HR, Manager Education and Counselling,

Kantonsspital Baden AG

Over the years I have had many opportunities to test new or altered work functions in our institution with the Abakaba method. The results are amazingly clear and transparent for everyone involved. The competent support and advice by Dr Christian Katz is very helpful.

Markus Detmer,

Manager Gastronomy, Project Manager Abakaba,

St. Josef-Stiftung, Bremgarten

The transparency for all members of staff at St Josef-Stiftung and the high quality of the Abakaba method has impressed us greatly. The introduction of Abakaba was a very good decision and is leading the way for the future of our organization. The salary system is flexibly designed and optimally adjusted to the needs of our foundation. The customer support, starting with the preparation and establishing the foundations through to the introduction and the fine-tuning, was perfect for us – friendly yet very goal-driven.

Stephan Abegg,

Administrative Director,

Untersiggenthal Municipal Administration

Abakaba has provided our municipality with a high degree of added value in the fair, high-quality analysis of our roles and functions. As a result, we have been able to develop a salary system that is fair and understandable to all involved parties. The system is flexible, can be dynamically updated and fits perfectly to our operational circumstances. Moreover, Abakaba fulfils all requirements concerning pay equity between men and women.

Hans Röthlisberger,


Schulheim Effingen

An objectively definable pay structure is essential to an organization like the therapeutic school Schulheim Effingen. For this reason we introduced Abakaba into our foundation many years ago already. We have always received excellent technical advice and support from Dr Katz. He inspects our salary system on an annual basis, which in our opinion is essential. We are very grateful to him for his excellent work.

Annermarie Gerber,

Head of Human Resources,

Burgdorf Municipal Administration

The employees of the City of Burgdorf were transferred to the new, performance-linked Abakaba salary system in 2001. With Abakaba all jobs are systematically analysed and ranked in pay grades with defined salary bands. So that the functions remain up to date, re-evaluations take place where required on an annual basis. All processes are constructively supported by Dr Christian Katz. The customer support is personal, trustful and friendly. The following positive aspects of the practical application are worthy of mention:

  • The systematic, non-discriminatory evaluation of the requirements and challenges of the different jobs
  • New positions can be provisionally categorized by telephone at short notice
  • Use of a consistent benchmark
  • Staff appraisals are aligned to the job evaluation
  • Abakaba has been methodically tested
  • Starting from the nature and characteristics of the job evaluation and the salary system, Abakaba is adapted to the requirements of the City of Burgdorf

Elmar Metzger,


Flawil Municipal Administration

In 2017 with the support of Dr Katz we evaluated all jobs of Flawil Municipal Administration and introduced a new salary system based on the results. We consider the advantages of Abakaba to be the scientifically based and consistent classification scheme as well as the high level of transparency. All employees had the opportunity to read the evaluation of their job and give their views on it before the final implementation. This increased acceptance and trust in the new salary system among the staff. The project work was undertaken in an efficient and targeted manner. In 2018 we also intend to implement the employee appraisal system Abakaba.Person, in order to be able to make the individual salary development performance-linked in the future.

Alard du Bois-Reymond,


Thurvita AG, Wil

Abakaba ideally fulfilled our requirements for a modern, fair salary system and fits well to our company culture. We particularly appreciate the transparency and comprehensibility of the classifications. New or adjusted functions can be integrated into the system without any great effort. Moreover, with Abakaba.Person we have a staff evaluation system that is easy to use and that takes into account the characteristics of the different roles. The calculations of the annual salary increases take place systematically rather than arbitrarily. The interaction with Abakaba AG is straightforward and efficient.

Alex Christen,

Managing Director,

and Sandra Berther,

Head of Human Resources,

Stiftung Behindertenbetriebe Uri, Schattdorf

The Abakaba method allows us to design our salary system in a flexible way. The coupling to our staff assessment is a further positive point. We are very pleased with the customer care and the level of service.

Stefanie Hosse and Yvonne Kohler,

HR Management,

Swisscontact, Zürich

Abakaba meets our central objective of evaluating the different jobs in our organization on the basis of the same criteria in a way that is not dependent on the individual members of staff. Later role adjustments and changes to the organizational structure can easily be integrated at any time thanks to the competent and customer-oriented consultation. As Abakaba is not a salary system but a job evaluation system, all combinations with other salary components, such as experience or performance aspects, are possible, which is ultimately decisive for the design of the salary system in its entirety as well as for the individual remunerations of the staff.

Jolanda Brunner,


Spiez Municipal Administration

Thanks to the analytical basis for evaluation provided by Abakaba, we were able to evaluate all jobs according to the same principles. In this way we attempt to meet the requirements of paying all our staff fairly and ensuring that all employees are paid the same salary for the same work, despite the very wide range of roles. Although the evaluation process does take some getting used to, the customer service team of Abakaba AG is always on hand to offer uncomplicated, professional help in the event of uncertainties. The analytical job evaluation has resulted in transparency and internal pay equity in our municipality.

Miriam Brand,

Head of Human Resources,

SEV, Gewerkschaft des Verkehrspersonals, Bern

With Abakaba we have found a salary system that is transparent, understandable and easy to use. It offers flexibility in terms of extendibility and the possibility to easily take functional changes into account. The team at Abakaba supports us competently, professionally and promptly, and in a very friendly way.

Rüdiger Niederer,

Managing Director,

GAG Genossenschaft für Altersbetreuung und Pflege Gäu, Egerkingen

With Abakaba we have implemented a salary system in our organization that fully fulfils the requirement for pay transparency between men and women and between jobs. Because the same benchmark is always applied, the wide range of functions can be reliably compared with one another. This progressive salary system models the salary assessment process for the HR department in a simple and explicable manner.

Markus Knupp,

Managing director,

and Jasmine Eicher,

Head of Human Resources,

Stiftung Weidli, Stans

Abakaba ensures internal transparency. The valuation methodology focuses on the functions and thus guarantees equal treatment of men and women. The relatively low number of clearly defined increments in the criteria leads to clarity, traceability and transparency. The job evaluation with Abakaba leads to fair pay. Abakaba provides leeway for organization-specific requirements.